Wednesday, November 19, 2014

#2: Are parents generally blind to their children’s faults? Why or why not?

Parents are generally blind to their children's faults. It is hard for some parents to accept that their child isn't perfect and may have a disability or is different from other kids. Some kids are naturally more aggressive than others, or some learn at a slower pace, or are not as attractive as others. These things can be seem as faults but oftentimes parents look at them and see nothing wrong with their child because they love their child so much.

Parents make excuses for their children's behavior and attempt to reassure themselves and others that their child really is normal, just wait and see. The parent with an overly aggressive child will blame the child's behavior as a result of someone provoking him. That the child is not at fault, when the child may actually need some help controlling and finding an appropriate outlet for his anger. The same thing can happen with a child who has a learning disability. Parents don't like to see the faults in their child; they want to see the good in their children, which can often blind them of seeing who their child really is.

Parents generally take pride in their children as the child reflects on the parents' parenting skills. The parent may deny that their child has faults because they certain that their parenting methods work for their child. Accepting these faults may make some parents feel like they have somehow wronged their child and feel like it's somehow their fault. This could also lead to them being blinded of their children's faults.

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